Pedego Rear Rack Battery Bag


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There has been discussion in other threads about protecting a spare battery while riding. Lately, to keep the bike's center of gravity low, I've been carrying mine in one of my panniers. I usually wrap it in a towel to keep it from getting banged up by other items in the pannier and as a cushion in case of a fall.

A couple of weeks ago, I saw a link for this bag in another thread. Unfortunately, I can't find the post in order to give the OP credit.

P1070604a.jpg P1070605a.jpg P1070606a.jpg P1070607a.jpg P1070608a.jpg

It looked to be the right size so I ordered one. It fits the Pedego rear rack battery perfectly with a bit of room for extra padding if desired. It's made of heavy duty nylon with interior padding sewn in. In addition to physical protection, it will help insulate the battery during hot / cold weather. It also has Velcro straps on the bottom for attaching to a rear rack.

The only negative I found was the low quality zipper. I suspect it will fail over time but the bag will still be useful as a battery protector sleeve.

The bag is available on eBay for around $30 with free shipping.

Make sure to order style 951-1. It ships from China and delivery took 10 days. I liked the product enough to order more for my other batteries.


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When I carry a spare in my panniers I too add some padding. I had a roll of that anti skid padding used for throw rugs. Extremely lightweight. I used that yesterday for the first time. Worked good.

I have a buddy with this battery bag designed for carrying a battery on a rear touring rack. Very heavy duty canvas and zippers. Sold by in Philly. He's been using it 5 years. I think it would hold the Pedego battery.


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Thanks for the link J.R.

I saw that bag while searching the net. It does look well made but I passed because it's an inch too narrow. The Pedego battery is 7" wide and the bag is only 6. It's possible it would deform enough to accept the Pedego battery but I wasn't willing to chance it.