Pedego Thumb Throttle experience


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I was given a couple of Pedego thumb throttles as a gift. Here's the product:

I was fine with the twist throttle, but the thumb throttle is good, also. It slips over the twist throttle and comes with shims to make it fit different sized Pedego twist throttles, and it screws on with a little allen wrench (supplied with the throttle).

The plastic is sturdy. I would say to me I'm fine with or without it (once it is installed, though, it is there till you take it off with the allen wrench). The only negative was when I bumped it with my arm at a traffic light when I was taking out my water bottle.

Generally I use the throttle on some starts, when there is a brief hill (not worth changing the PAS) or when there is a sudden steep hill (not much time to change the PAS), or sometimes in an area where it is narrow and I want to ride precisely. The thumb throttle is nice in situations where I use the throttle for not just a moment, but for long enough that the twist throttle got a bit tiresome. That, for me, is seldom. Otherwise, I feel neutrally about the thumb throttle so far.

My son mentioned another issue, and that is where to keep your thumb when braking on the right side. He said (and I agree) that without the thumb throttle, he would have his hand resting on both the shorter grip AND the twist throttle when braking. With the thumb throttle, you either have to brake without your thumb (thumb in position on), OR move your thumb UNDER the thumb throttle. What I have been doing is riding with my thumb in the UNDER position, just moving it above the thumb throttle when I want to use the throttle.

I think this would be very helpful to folks who have challenges with gripping or twisting motions. For those without hand limitations who don't use the throttle much, I'm not sure if it is a benefit. My plan is to keep it on for about a month, and then take it off, and see which I like better. :) If I decide not to use it for the time being, I'll definitely keep it safely at hand for the future, in case I change my mind, as it is a nice little gadget.

Al P

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If it gets in your way, try rotating it slightly to find a better position. I've been using the 1859 thumb throttle attachment over my twist throttle for a few months now. It makes it much easier to use the throttle rather than grabbing it with my entire hand and twisting the wrist, and it's not in my way, so I leave it on all the time.