Pictures of my build.

Finally had time to take it for a ride I rode almost exactly 12 miles before the battery was almost empty but I did not want to drain it all the way. 1.4 miles uphill 40 degree incline. On this ride as I live in the Mountains. I added a 12-volt motorcycle battery to the center of the frame to run the blinkers brake lights parking lights and headlight because I wanted to get the most distant out of my lithium battery pack. Up here the roads are only 6 ft wide on each side so as to keep myself as safe as possible I put the stuff on it. Anyway the only thing left to do is clean up the wires a little bit I would assume it will get about 20 miles on flat ground. I did pedal a little bit but assuming I pedal more I could get 18 to 20 miles out of it or charge. And no this is not the most expensive setup but I studied and read tons of customer reviews before choosing the battery pack and the wheel hub. Happy riding everyone.



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E-Bikes sure are fun, aren't they.

By the way, you can save some weight in the future and power your lights off a DC-DC converter running off your motor battery. Then you won't have to carry that battery in the middle of the frame.

There's a 1000W direct drive motor under the saddle bags. I presume sealed lead acid batteries (SLA) in the battery box?
@harryS The Black Box on the rear rack are 18650 LIPO to make 20AH. Thank you for the advice but I did know about converting the 48 volt down to 12 volts for the lights and all, but knowing that I live in the mountains I wanted the LiPo battery to get me as far as possible. But then again I could be wrong and the LEDs may not draw much of anything but the headlight is incredibly bright and it lights up the entire road at night so not sure how many volts that it's taken or amps that it's taking out of the battery. Thanes again