Please to watch : Regreening the desert with John D. Liu

Here's the thing, 'desertification' is the primary cause of the refugee dilemna globally. It is a source of hunger & thirst for mankind.
60 million in sub-Saharan Africa alone have nowhere to go. Their problem is our problem, & a wall won't solve it. Those people at the
the border need our help...... & we need theirs. A vast army of unskilled labor is just what is needed. Sociologists, political scientists,
& 'economists need not apply.
Those people aren't asking much, & they far more familiar with shovels than most of us. Food, shelter, clothing, & safety is all they ask.
Give them a chance to earn citizenship & make America greater still.
Unskilled was a poor choice of words. With guidance, these people have precisely the skills required. I mean we let the white man come.
What could possibly happen,,,,right?
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john peck

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Any program to utilize these people would also necessarily include mandatory classes in English & citizenship as well as opportunity
to learn a trade or higher education. It might also would be very useful to return trained individuals to their native land to cope
with the problem at ground zero....if politically prudent. This is being done by China & the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation as well.
It would behoove America to adopt a more positive & constructive approach to foreign policy than that of the current administration.
Bolstering oppressive regimes like the Saudi's & others can only create more negative reaction to the U.S. Remember when we were
the Good Guys???
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