Problem with X-treme Hanalei bike

This post is actually by @Stormydog12 and was in an unrelated thread, so reply to him! :)

Hello all, I would like to mention my problems with ordering a e-bike on-line. I google what were the top e-bikes to buy, and x-treme e-bikes came in as one of the top five. I did use one of there bikes when I was down in Turks & Caicos. Really work for me. Got me around the whole island. So I was set on the brand. I order a Hanalei Electric 36V Lithium Powered Step Through Beach Cruiser Bicycle from Allco Manufacturing in Washington state. I had good experience with two customer service agent, Dawn and Cammie. When I received the bike the box was not in too good of shape, and you could hear items move when you pick the box up. I took some pictures before the bike was removed. I bought the bike and box over to an e-bike dealer who said that he would assemble the bike. For a fee. No problem. When the bike was assembled, an error appear, 010. Got in touch with the dealer in Washington. They said it was the controller was NFG. As well the rear fender had some dents in it. The dealer is sending me a new fender and controller. But with these two items being replaced, I now have used up my two warranty. And more warranty, I have to pay for the shipping. As well I have to pay to have the new controller installed. I thought a warranty was for when the bike has been on the road and something goes wrong. This bike has not even seen the road. It has been three weeks, and still the bike is not completely assembled. If I had to do it all over again, I certainly would not buy from Allco Manufacturing. Buyer beware. Just wanted others to know.
@Stormydog12, Allco is X-treme Electric Bikes, so all can know. As a dealer for their product, I am not aware of any 2 part rule except for the shipping costs on more parts, only that there is a time period that the bike and parts are covered. The labor would not be covered by X-treme, they don't reimburse dealers for that labor; however, had you purchased the bike through a shop they might be more lenient about that. I recommend that you use the online system for Warranty issues, in particular, phone calls to see if you can negotiate on that shipping.

Be sure to keep pictures of any damaged parts and ask for any dead parts back from the dealer who is doing the labor in case X-treme asks for them back. This company has been pretty good on warranty parts for our shop and fortunately, not too many issues in general on their bikes. I hope you are able to find a good resolution on these issues soon so you can get out on the road and ride that new bike :)