Prodecotech battery questions

Trace martini

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I have a phantom x, had it about a year and a half. When I start riding in morning, after it's charged all night, it has all 3 lights lit for about a mile, then the green light cuts off, about 3 miles into ride the yellow light is out, only the red light will stay on under load. I pedal most all the time, just use battery to maintain speed and lighten effort needed. I work about 5 miles from house and the battery has never died on way to work, but I charge it when I get there. It's a flat trip and I weigh 170. The bike has about 500 miles on it. Is this normal? Does the battery need replacing soon? Prodecotech says there is a 30 mile range but i figure it's more like 20, but it still concerns me that it has has only 1 light after 4 miles and it's relatively new. Any thoughts?

rich c

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Accepted method of optimum charging is to not fully charge the battery every time. Many say to stop at 85%. If you've been just leaving it plugged in all night since new, and you leave it on the charger all day long, you likely have cut the life short on the battery. Cold weather also changes performance of the batteries.

Ann M.

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Trace, it does sound like you've been charging the battery a bit much; however you do still have 6 months warranty on the bike. If you haven't registered it before now and still have your original receipt or can get a copy of it from where you bought the bike, register it now. ProdecoTech has a very simple online registration form on their site. Then contact ProdecoTech; I've found Luis to be very helpful on repairs or warranty issues. It is possible that some of the cells are starting to go and could be replaced by PTech. You will have to pay for shipping to them and the special box required for a lithium battery; however, it's worth it to see if your battery situation could be improved.

Rich is correct too, cold weather does take a bite out of battery range; however, with a full charge indoors, all 4 battery lights should still come up.