Prodecotech electric bike

I purchased a stride 500 from this company and the bike was great until battery went out and I requested a new replacement. I have now been waiting almost four months and everytime I call they say it will be another couple of weeks. Now they do not return my emails nor can you call because their mailbox is always full. Anyone have any suggestions?


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I understand that there are companies that will re-build your battery to spec. For example, here is a post from the Pedego Owners Group (on FB), where someone inquired about whether he should buy a replacement battery or have his battery rebuilt. I am not recommending this company, just sharing information.
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I just tried tagging Don M here, but it isn't working, so maybe he can't be contacted through the forum.


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Has anyone been able to get thru to customer service at prodecotech bikes?
Assuming the full mailbox is for their Warranty/Technical Support in Florida 888.338.9808, try their main number 800.943.6190 and ask to speak to the owner.