Prodecotech electric bikes


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I have purchased two bikes from this company and enjoy the bikes but when I had issues with the batteries it took 9 months to get the first one fixed and now it it broken again. It was a stride 500. I also purchased a genesis bike in oct. 2018 and now that battery will not charge. I have called multiple times, left messages, emailed multiple times, and filled out their online warranty form and I can not get them to contact me to deal with my issues. This is the worst customer service I have ever experienced.


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With most of the e-bike vendors in this country including a storage cubical, a PC, a web address, a registered trademark, it doesn't take much to get into or out of the business. It is lonely when you are left alone as the vendor runs away from his mistakes.
See under maintenance thread sticky thread about how to get batteries repaired (for money) if you live in LA, Ohio, or Las Vegas. If you don't live there, you have to drive your battery there; you are not allowed to ship it.
I suggest next time you buy try from one of the biggies. My guess at top sales, pedego, raleigh, trek, juiced, rad, giant. I bought my 3rd battery from the loudest US vendor in electric kits,, and was pleased. The first two were from e-bay and amazon vendors that disappeared after one bad review. JW says californiaebikes has good batteries, but he didn't give me an explicit web address. In canada grin technologies has quite a reputation for parts & kits. Better luck next time.