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    Recently, Elon Musk and Tesla conducted an interesting social experiment - Project Loveday.

    The idea was to bring out the creative abilities of Tesla customers in the form of videos and reward them. Several passionate customers of Tesla created their own unique videos and sent it. In response, Tesla received several million $$ worth of exposure. Here are top 3 videos.

    Why can't EBR run it's own project Loveday?

    The video may highlight how ebikes are used in day-to-day situations and how it has changed their life for the better. It could be completely utilitarian or fun-oriented. Now, what about those, who don't have the video editing skills? They could take pictures and express their creativity in a written form.

    We all could pitch in $5 each and create a fund.
    Interested companies can announce new categories like and may be fund $500 each or something like that. Collectively, this should lead to a sizeable amount. There could be 3 winners in each category. [$500, $300, $200 or something like this]. People can vote for their favorite and rank them in a poll. The top 3 gets picked from each category via this poll. There could be a system to avoid any kind of rigging where fake accounts come into play.
    1. Commuter [BULLS, Stromer, Trek, BH Easy Motion, Cannondale]
      Topics could be like "A day in the life of a commuter" etc.
    2. Mountain biking [Haibike, KTM, Trek, Scott, Giant]
      Topics: Lots of photo-op here. How a MTB'er regained his passion for mountain biking etc.
    3. Cargo and family [ Yuba, Tern, R&M]
    In return, companies get lot of exposure, EBR gets to publish these unique videos/articles/photos on their social media and sites and the people who attempt this can feel a deep satisfaction of contributing to advancing a niche and growing technology space.

    @Court , @Ann M.

    If properly done, this could be as big as some events conducted at Interbike or Eurobike. This can't done be few people but collectively, it can be a fun and awesome thing. Just an idea that is already successfully employed by Tesla.
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    Ebike love or our conflicted love/hate relationships with them? I love Ebike commuting but Ebikes are ruining my finances. I bought a second bike because I liked the experience so much. I just had to buy several pairs of new jeans because my waist size has dropped an inch as I'm hitting 1300 commuting miles for the year. It just goes on and on: better bike bags, commuting clothes, lights etc.

    Sounds like a good marketing idea and particularly for the industry events like the expos. Open up people's minds to the various applications for ebikes (commercial, cargo, commuting, exercise etc) and get them to make connections and open up their minds to possibilities not previously realized.

    I like your "day in the life of a commuter" idea: it can really get bizarre to the point the stories sound like fiction. The other day on one commute I encountered two deer feeding at the side of the road, a block later I had to avoid a skunk crossing the road, and about a mile after that, deeper into the city, I passed three dudes with baseball bats walking down the street at 6am. On the ride home I almost crashed into a policeman who was crossing the street but changed his mind and reversed direction suddenly. Every commute something odd seems to occur.
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  4. Ann M.

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    A wonderfully creative idea @Ravi Kempaiah, I'll talk with Court. Little time now to do this before Interbike; however, this concept could draw a lot of folks together in a fun and personal way.
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    E-bike commute is the best kind of commute. The freedom is unparalleled.
    Re: Jeans, that's a good I suppose. You know the amount of money we spent on hospital treatment for my dad when he had stroke = 100's E-bikes. So, if investing in E-bikes helps someone stay healthy, avoid cardiovascular degeneration or keep their bones, knees and hips in great shape, then its a no-brainer.

    I am glad you're having awesome fun on these bikes.
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