Promax Stem raise handlebar height?


This isn't really Voltbike specific, but I have the Promax Stem that comes with the Voltbike pointing straight up at the sky (as high as it will go). I think I need it to be just a little bit higher. The stem has the upper black portion and the bottom silver portion. Can I raise it up a little or is the silver part supposed to be entirely in the headtube?

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If it looks like the one I see on Amazon, the silver portion is merely a shim, to allow the stem to fit into larger diameter head tubes. The stem itself should have a minimum insertion mark engraved on it showing how high you can raise it.
I forgot to mention I have the 2018 Yukon 750. Here is a picture when I unscrewed the top screw (which was about an inch and a half or so):

I didn't try pulling on the silver part there to see if it came up any more. Should it? What attaches it at the bottom?

It's looking like I would need one of those stem extenders and then a new (probably shorter) stem to connect to it.
Here is a good video,
that shows a typical fork install. That is all one piece coming from the fork. Since you have a adjustable stem on the latest Yukon that limits what you can add, needs to stay at the top of stem. I do not have the bike in front of me but think there may be one spacers at the bottom of stem that you could remove and than add one of the smallest stem extensions which would give you a extra inch approximately. This may be the way to go without changing the stem out for something different. If you are heavy off-road user be careful to get something secure, lot of folks do not like adding parts like this for chance of weak point. Also need to be careful not to stretch cables to much. The video mentions cutting the stem down also on the extension which could be option depending how high you go. Good luck.
I went ahead and added this extender, seems to work well but need some more miles to see if helps my wrists. Feels better already to me. For $15 why not give it a try. I have the Voltbike Yukon 2018 edition. Easy to install, I removed the spacer that comes on the bike and added a smaller one that came with the extender just to get a minimum extension to start with which I say is around 2 and half inches or 63mm. It has to have a spacer otherwise it would show a little of the raw metal and not look clean. Also need to place two spacers on top before adding stem because we have the adjustable stem and will not go all the way down shaft. Hope the pictures show what I mean or you will figure it out if you try one.

The 135mm screw that comes with it seems to be plenty long for any position you want to use. You do not use the top piece that comes with new extender just the screw by it self.

The only cable that may give you trouble is front brake which when you have shock locked will likely not let you go completely straight up and down but a little reroute of cable would likely give a little more length if needed. If you go higher and looking for a more upright position it could be a problem, again i did minimum raise. I also redid the cable management wrap some to make sure cables were all good, remember to turn handlebars all directions to check everything.

If you plan to be doing some serious off roading remember that you are adding another failure point so this might not be the best solution but so far think it will help me.

The link for the one i used,