Promax V-Brake "loose" and Power Cutoff


My Neo Volt uses mechanical PROMAX V-BRAKES. I'm noticing that the right (rear) brake lever has some up/down "looseness" to it. The brakes still work well, but the lever doesn't feel solid. I'm not sure what this is called. Someone said it's "free play", but YouTubes seem to use free play to describe how much you need to squeeze before the brakes are active. I'm referring NOT to the squeezing "X-axis", but the up/down "Y-axis".

Is there a way to fix this ? If I were to buy new Promax V-Brakes, would "any" work? Where is the motor cutoff on the EasyMotion brakes? Is it inside the brake handle somewhere? I think the looseness has come over time because the right brake lever activates the motor cutoff switch, and I tend to "ride" the brakes on this side to disable power when necessary.

I'm hoping someone can understand what I'm talking about .... I can't find anything online.

Nova Haibike

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The lever likely uses two nylon bushings/bearings so that the lever moves smoothly through its stroke. If you feel play in a vertical direction, those bushings are probably worn out, or there is some other kind of damage. Levers are not rebuildable; no small parts are offered by any can only replace them. If your levers have built-in cut-off switches, you can buy new levers with cut-offs.