Proper Chainring ratios for Cyclone 3000


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I've read on the internet that for the Cyclone 3000, to reduce wear on the drivetrain it's best to use a 44-48 crankset, but I don't know if its 44 to motor and 48 to rear, or 48 to motor and 44 to rear? I recently bought an Ultra Heavy Duty freewheel, 40 tooth chainring, and a 48 tooth chainring from I still have the original 44-44 crankset so I don't know how I should set up my chainrings. My instinct tells me I should run 40 to the motor, 48 tor rear so I can run a 15 or larger rear cog as well as the energy transfer would be closer to the bolts holding the 40/48 on the motor side, I can imagine the motor bending the 48 tooth chainring easily.