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Yeah they are coming. Sorry its been a rough week at work already and have been doing some accessory additions to the bike before I snap some photos. I took it out this weekend and loved it. rode it home from the shop I had tune the bike and get everything in fantastic working order. So much fun it should be illegal =-). I plan to take it out tomorrow for some riding.
So, how is the bike? Haven't heard any ride stores yet. Waiting for some photos and video.
Did about 4 miles today just before dark after it cooled off. Man is the bike alot of fun. Need to get my hands on the larger capacity battery. I definitely like rolling it with Assist 5 Its so much fun. Some photos I promised you

My adjustable Neck I added. Amazon is great for finding parts. =-)

Picture of my Orgin8 Chain guide. I had to modify this a bit to make it work. I communicated back and forth with Orgin8 via email to find out if they made a longer post as the one that came on it was way to short to work. So I added a longer Hex head that was same threads that the post was and added some lock nuts to make sure nothing would move. Modification turned out great and its solid.

My seat I added

Some accessories in the cockpit =-)

Found these on Amazon, Figured they would be a fantastic theft deterrent. I do have Spot Cellular tracking Im adding to my bike bags once they come in.

FYI the new tire valve stems I dont have anything that blows those up so I ordered one for my compressor from amazon as my tires are fairly low. I got up to 25mph in assist 5 tonight and I felt like I could go even faster =)
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