PW-SE clunky pedal engagement.


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I've just bought a Haibike Sduro fullseven 6 LT ebike and it's great. However, after doing 30 miles I've noticed that the pedal engagement is quite clunky. If I'm freewheeling and then peddle there is aquite a loud clunk as the pedal engages the drives. I can feel it through the cranks. It's more noticeable when dabbing the pedals. If I spin the back wheel and then move the cranks until they engage I can feel the clunk every time. It feels like quite a hard clunk. Is this normal for a Yamaha engine ? The engineer in me says no. I compared it to a new bike and the new bike has a clunk but much softer.


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I've spent some quality time on the PW-SE, and I wouldn't describe the pedal engagement in that way. I think something is amiss. I would take it back to the shop that you got it from. There's a chance that something fell through the cracks in production/shipping/assembly.


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I’m interested in what you found out regarding the “clunk”. I recently purchased a ‘19 Wabash which has the PW-SE drive unit. After my test rides I mentioned that the bike had quite a cluck when coming off a coast and engaging the motor. Of course his response was “they all do that”. I did notice on the Yamaha web page, Technology/Drive Units they speak of the differences between the PW-SE and the PW-X. The section on PW-X features and benefits, it specifically states “Free Wheel Comparison - Revised Ratchet Mechanism Drastically Reduces Backlash”. I believe that’s what the clunk is.