Questions about buying a new old stock (NOS) Bionx battery?


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A shop by my house has new Bionx batteries, which I need because my battery now only lasts about 6 miles.

I have a few questions...

Presumably they were built a year or two ago. Is there any concern with these batteries sitting on a shelf?
I have heard they eventually go to sleep to preserve their charge and extend shelf life. Is that true?
Is there firmware in the battery in the Bionx system? Can/could the batteries be updated? Should I be worried about software that's no stuck in a bad state?
Is there any way to validate that it is in good working, as-new condition?


I'll report back in a week or so. I just ordered a 556wh battery from the NYCeWheels closure sale on ebay. At $341 + $14 shipping I couldn't resist taking the risk! I assume it's been sitting on the shelf for a year or two. Will let you know how it performs and holds charge.


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I believe most batteries are shipped with the internal cells at partial charge, basically what the cells had when they left the lithium plant. The battery assembler trusts that the vendor put in cells that would work. It's safer. ALso a lot less work. Shelf life of a partially charged battery is pretty good, given it's probably in the back of NYCE's shop,

If you charged them to verify that they took a charge. Then you have to discharge them anyway. I believe that's part of hazmat for shipping lithium.