Radrover fenders and the 1Up USA Rack

I recently bought a Radrover and Radcity Step-thru. I also got the 1 Up USA Super Duty bike rack to transport the bikes. All is going well, however I want to get fenders for the Radrover. The step-thru bike came with fenders, so when I clamp down the arms of the bike rack, the arms come down over the rear fender. I put pipe insulation around the piece that touches the fender, but I feel this is less secure than if I clamped it down onto the tires. I like the looks of the Radrover fenders and can use the same technique I use with the Radcity. I’m wondering if it would be more secure to get some other type of fenders that will allow me to clamp the rack arms down on to the tires?
I have an Evelo Orion and a 1up rack. The rear fender is short enough to allow the rack to catch the rear wheel below the fender flap. The wheel hold down is adjusted to put it at this point. This puts it above the rear hub so I do not have to place it on the fender, works like a charm.


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I considered a 1Up rack, and spent time on the phone with their tech guy with fender questions, because fenders are a necessity where I live.

He said that they provide some kind of insulation to help with the problem, but he said that the long story short is that the rack would definitely bend/dent my fenders. I appreciated his honesty, and went with another brand of rack.

I think the 1Up rack looks like a great product, super durable, etc. I hope they work to come up with a design that works well for bikes with fenders, too!