Rain Protection When Hauling Ebike on The Road?


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I am carrying two ebikes, with mid-drive Bafang motors, on a hitch-mounted rack. I’m carrying them on a car that is towed behind a Motorhome. I have a waterproof cover but it covers the taillights of the car. The water is thrown from the road and gets underneath the cover. Has anyone found a good way to keep the motor dry as well as protect the display and electronic connections on the handlebar?


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We have two Rad Mini ebikes. One is a Step-thru. We carry them on the back of our RV on a Hollywood rack designed for heavy fat time ebikes. Because we are in the Pacific Northwet, we put a cover on them while traveling (or parked if it is going to rain). I picked up on Amazon a 'Pro Bike Cover for outdoor storage'. It has a bungee cord draw string cinch on the bottom of the cover to help keep the rain/road moisture from getting inside. I use two ratchet straps to to keep the cover from flapping in the wind as we drive. This is mainly to keep the cover in good shape over time.

Also, since the cover will block the tail lights on our motorhome, I fold down the handle bars so on our ebikes (Rad Mini's fold up). Photo is a few weeks ago. It rained that evening just after I put the bikes on the rack and covered them for traveling and on the way home from a State Park we were at that weekend. When we got home, the bikes were dry. There was only a few drops of water inside the cover at the bottom. We have used this cover for about 5 months now and it looks like new even with hundreds of miles of traveling with it on our ebikes.