Raleigh Redux iE 2018 - lock problems

Just picked up my brand new Redux iE 2018 last Friday and good news it rode just like I hoped getting me up some hills no problem that left me questioning my life decisions on my previous bike.

Bad news is that once I got home I tried to pop off the battery to charge but the two keys provided did not unlock the battery. I even checked the EBR video review of the 2017 Diamond frame model of the Redux iE to see if there was some trick to getting it off, but nope it was just an easy twist to unlock and it popped off. I tried so many times with both keys that they are now warped and I'm afraid it'll just break off and get stuck in lock if I try anymore.

This is kind of a deal breaker for me since I have a very narrow walkway to get to my unit at home with no outlet where I store the bike. I'm not exactly thrilled that I would have to run a log extension cord to charge and also good forbid if the battery dies... How do I replace?

Call Raleigh thinking ok maybe it's a simple issue of they included the wrong keys. They said if the bike shop didnt mix up the keys, then option is to shove a Jimmy in between the battery and frame and pop it out manually then replace the lock from the inside. I am not super thrilled about this since the matte black is most definitely going to get all scratched up in that process. I even slightly made a tiny Nick on frame just propping up on my shoulder let alone going all GTA on the battery.

Called the bike shop and they will check but sounds like Raleigh has no extra keys to send me which I would have thought would have been easiest solution. No one loses keys I guess?

Lastly I guess my bike is going to start its life with some heavy scars after this if the shop doesn't find extra keys laying around.

Not a happy customer so far.