Range 400 watt vs. 500 watt

What kinda range are you guys getting with reallife use? How big of a difference are there between the 400 and 500 watt batteries? I am a big guy, around 230 lbs, how much will that affect my range?


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Several things will affect your range:

- Wind
- Hills
- Type of surface (gravel or paved roads)
- Presence of Zero Cadence (Yamaha)
- Lights being on permanently (EU requirements)
- Ambient temperature
- Tire pressures
- Rider Fitness
- Overall weight
- Speed
- Pedalling Cadence

You should state what kind of e-bike you plan to buy (mountain bike, city bike, speed pedelec, etc.) and what type of environment you intend to use it in. Also, is it a Bosch or a Yamaha drive? If so, what kind? All this information will allow people to give you a response that's as close as possible to your own scenario.


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I presume you're interested in a haibike, since you're asking in that sub-forum! Everything Jayvee pointed out is true. I'm a bigger guy than you (Much), and have an Sduro Haibike 400wh battery. On a relatively flat ride and low winds I would expect 40-45 miles of range in the 2nd highest motor setting (based on a couple of 20 mile rides before I hurt my back last year). If it is very windy that would drop for me to around 3o-35 miles. On a very hilly ride that was also windy I'd expect mid-20s. If you end up with a 500wh bike, at 25% to those numbers.

At your weight, I would guess you'd get at least 25% better distances that I am able to at my weight. For reference, I pedal hard and contribute a lot to the ride, typically average speed around 15mph in urban bike path riding, and usually cruise at 18-19mph just under the limiter.
I plan on buying a Haibike Sduro HardNine 5.5, 500 watt, Yamaha drive. I am going to use it for my daily commute to and from work, mixed terrain, 15 mile round trip. Maybe some light offroad during the weekends.

The bike is limited to 15 mph where I live.


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I'm 230 and I get at least 50 miles out of my 400wh battery Xduro FS RX peddling all the time in the lower 2 levels of assist.
No hills. 20mph max speed.