Rattan Battery


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Hey guys! I just took delivery of my Rattan Fat Bear and charged the battery till the charger indicator turned green which I assume means it is fully charged but for some reason my battery only shows 36%. Any idea why this is happening or did I get a bad battery with my new bike?



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Check the battery voltage with a multi meter to see if the voltage indicates a full charge for your battery type. If the voltage is correct, it could be your display. You can also ride the bike and check if the range is normal. Either way, I'd check with the manufacturer and ask about the low display reading. It could be something as simple as a
software option setting.

rich c

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On all my bikes, I charge until the charger shuts off, or the light on the charger turns green. On my Sondors, if I don’t ride it for a while, the lcd won’t be accurate until I ride it a couple blocks.