Rearview mirror standard on ST2 -bikes ? If not, any mirrror to reccomend ?


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It seems like I am carpet-bommbing the Stromer Forum with questions and comments:eek:

I am sure its only temporarily with this intensity.

Simple question: Do the Stromer bikes come with rear-view mirror as standard ( I could not see it in the online manual I found) ?

If it doesn`t; any advice on what kind of mirrors that works well with ST2 -bikes ?
Stromers come with fun, but not mirrors. In this forum's search box, you can type "mirror" and get a few hits for what mirrors people like. Here is what I posted in one thread last month:

I started with a Busch & Müller 701 Mirror for E-Bikes 913701VLME, which is a great mirror. I switched to an Ergotec M-99 mirror from Humpert, part number 65174, which requires a bar end adapter, part number 65178. Made in Germany, the Ergotec is not yet distributed in the US. I bought mine online from, an excellent French retailer. They were euros 21,58 and 7,92, respectively, plus shipping. The advantage of the Ergotec over the B&M is that the mirror sits higher in your peripheral vision just like the old Rhode Gear hood mounted mirror that they stopped selling years ago. The Humpert Ergotec M-99 is larger than the M-88. Finding a seller who ships to the U.S. will be the challenge. I had to email with my request, since at the time their website showed only the M-88, and I think that is the case now, although for a time they displayed the M-99 . With either the M-99 or 88, you will need to order the bar end adapter. The mirror fits either the left side or right side. See


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I now know that rear-view mirror is standard on Stromer-bikes ; at least in Germany ; probably in all of europe. Stromer-bikes/ speed-pedelecs are in europe defined as "mopeds"; and I believe mirror is obligatory on these category bikes. So that answers that.


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To kind , but thanks . After adjusting to helmet mirror, I feel akward when I forget to attach it to my helmet immedidatly.For those interested Schwalbe North America is prompt on deleveries. 2 days I think it took recieve my tubes. Quality products and excellent service!
@Rincon @smitty the mirrycle mirrors have been the most widely available ones in North America for years. Last year we started carrying the B&M mirrors and WOW they are even better in quality and will hold up much better than the Mirrycle mirrors that traditionally crack if you don't loosen the screws before adjusting or if you knock them against something. all the best, Will
Most people don't but the Mirrycle mirrors basically have a press fit the brass threaded insert into the plastic and if one does not loosen it the brackets where these insert are crack. We also replace them due to a drop or knocks against something. Great mirrors just a lot more fragile than the Busch & Muller one's.
For some reason the box says it comes with a mirror but they don't in North America. If you need one that fits the bike perfectly you can check these one's out. hope your dealer can pick one up for you, Will
Likely because of the other issues I had with my new bike thus far, dealer was able to get Stromer to supply a mirror.

So, if anyone is interested in what the European models likely come with, it is the Cycle Star 80 Model 903. Was super easy to install, the handlebar cap pops out, you insert the mirror and tighten.


The first image is the B&M 701. Retails around $40. The second and third images are the Ergotec M-99, which needs an adapter (both found at the French retailer for about $35 and $9 respectively), plus shipping to the US. My wife rides with the 701, but I like the Ergotec because of where the mirror sits in my field of vision.

Peter White Cycles has a nice lineup of e-bike mirrors, including several models of the Busch & Muller Cycle Star series.

The Ergotec M-99 and adapter can be found here:,,en.php,,en.php