Recommend a E-conversion KIt 700c

My bicycle has 700c x 32 rims and 8 speeds about 40 pounds + me 200 pounds.

I tried to use it for food delivery and quickly realized i need some help going up the hills when working 8 hours a day.

Not sure how practical it will be for my task to use e-conversion versus scooter, because of extra weight i carry when battery is dead?.
  • Idealy aiming at around $150 kit + $150 battery
  • Light weight low geared hub
  • Interested in how far it can take me on one charge than a top speed or acceleration, need only assist so any low power motor is fine.
  • Battery that can be swapped - i plan to have spare battery charging at home and ready to be installed quickly when needed



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I like this 36V 500W ebay kit if you want a geared motor. I bought one in 2015 and am still riding it. I bought a third one this winter. The basic kit is $149 with LED display, but I bought it with LCD for $209 and get a 5 level pedal assist vs 3 level. One possible problem is that the rear wheel kit uses a 7 speed freewheel, while your bike is an 8 speed, so there could be a derailleur mismatch. Your 8 speed gear, if it is a freewheel, could be used though, Or if your front forks are steel, you could go with a front drive motor. The motor/rim weighs 8.5 pounds.

Range depends on your speed. For me, running in the lowest level pedal assist gets me a speed of 13 mph. I can go over 20 miles on a 36V 10AH battery, which is one of the smaller capacity batteries.

Can't recommend any batteries for $150. You'll need twice that budget and maybe more. There are a lot junky batteries on ebay . They lie about the capacity. You might get half of what they promise.

If you get any advice to try the RC hobby batteries, be careful and read up on them. Takes knowledge/experience to use them safely.