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Hi folks,
I'm new to the world of e-bikes & was hoping for some guidance on some of the essential things I can do to keep my bike running it's best?
I'm not in an area where anyone..aka...bicycle shops...will even do a simple tune up as they have yet to delve into the world of electric bicycles furthermore I would really like to learn to do it myself for various reasons. With that being said, I will be starting from scratch as I have little to no mechanical ability but eager to learn.
I plan on commuting daily, year round so its critical to gain some basic maintenance techniques to assure longevity & maintain safety.
Things like what type of lubricant I should use on chain, & anywhere else for that matter, how often does this need done to just about everything in between.
Sorry for the long winded post. Thank you for taking the time to read it & I appreciate any & all feedback.
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It might be helpful if you specified the type of bike (brand/model).

I could tell you everything I’ve had to do on the bike but it might not be useful.


Thank you for bringing that to my attention.
I just purchased a 2019 Radrover fat tire bike. It is a 750 watt rear hub powered set up.


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I think the majority of e-bike maintenance would not differ much from a conventional 10 speed for instance. Point being, if you're looking for info at a shop that doesn't handle (or want anything to do with) e-bikes, ask questions on a level they'll work with you on. For instance, leave the e-bike term out of your question regarding chain lubes or brake adjustments. There has to be a ton of reference books on the topic as well.

The electronics themselves don't need much in the way of maintenance. That said, I would take my electrical connections apart, as well as removing the battery itself, and use di-electric grease (available at any discount auto supply) on the contact areas to prevent bad/corroded connection before they happen.

In that same vein, I would install Slime or a similar product in your tires to minimize the chances for flats. Some will try to talk yo out of that referencing a "mess", but in my experience that mess is way overstated. Regarding absolute worst case scenario, the mess is all water soluble. Bottom line, the risk of "the mess" is well worth the safety factor provided by running Slime.

And last, congrats on the new bike! I'm betting you're loving it!


AHicks.......Thank you for all the helpful info. I've been finding some very informative information via YouTube. I really never thought about leaving the whole e-bike reference out of the equation, excellent suggestion.
Yes I most certainly do love the bike. I've had it about two weeks & just hit 300 miles. Looking forward to many more!
Thanks again.


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Not really "mainenance" but check your tire pressure often. I'm always amazed at how quickly bicycle tires lose pressure


DDBB.....I learned that one the hard way! Took my bike out for its first ride & never bothered to check tire pressure. Couple miles into my ride and hit some gravel on a sharp curve & down I went.
I ordered a gauge the next day & check them weekly.
Thank you!

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Tons of stuff on the internet regarding bike maintenance.
Library's another good source.

Here's a youtube search result:

Here's an Ebay search if you want good literature to read while on the john:

I bought "The Complete Bike Owner's Manual" just for the exquisite art work but it's functional as well. Look up the pages in Amazon but buy it from Ebay cheap.
Many of the books are so inexpensive, I purchased some just to read another person's perception on maintenance. I've amassed quite library.

Good luck and enjoy.
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A good dose (maybe a little overdose?) of Slime or similar can/will reduce the need for frequent tire pressure checks. I had that problem for years, until I stopped listening to the "expert" advice regarding the use of this type product and went ahead and tried it anyway. My weekly checks, normally requiring me to add air each time, are now done monthly, and normally don't require air!