Review of Diamondback Lindau with over 3500 miles


I bought a Diamondback Lindau in November of 2017. I have put over 3500 miles on it since then and I just love it. The battery works just as well as when it was new. I get between 40-50 miles of range on it when on assist level 1. I think that I get good range out of it because I only weigh 135 pounds. On level 1 on flat ground it goes about 16 mph and I can turn it on/off and barely notice that it is doing anything, but oh boy does it help for hills and headwinds. On level 4 you feel like Lance Armstrong and scoot along at 22-24 mph. However, that really runs the battery out and you probably get more like 20-25 mile range then.

After 3500 miles the only issues with the bike are 3 flat tires (and I had to replace the rear tire as one of the blowouts wrecked the tire too). I also broke 2 rear spokes and had to have the rear wheel re-trued.

One of the reasons the battery is good, is that I store it at 1/2 full in the winter when I don't use it, and I also try not to run it down lower than 20%. Usually I recharge it when it is between 1/3 and 1/2 full.

It had a good upside for a commuter bike to work in that because it is a cadence only sensor, on a hot humid day I can put it into a low enough gear that I don't have to exert much and the bike does most of the work without me getting sweaty going to work.

The downside of a cadence only sensor is that if I want to go for a bike ride with people who don't have an e-bike, I tend to go too fast. I found that the only way is to put it into throttle mode and basically have the motor off and just use it for hills. A torque sensing bike has a better feel for adjusting your speed to other bikers.

All in all a GREAT bike that I just love. Oh, another bonus, I have ridden many different kinds of e-bikes and this is the quietest one I have ever ridden. Dead silent.


Angela M.

Staff member
Hey, Rick! I love hearing positive stories that a bike is working out well. Thanks for the tips and I hope you continue to love your ride!