Ride Quality of Pace 500

How is the ride quality on different surfaces. I'm concerned that with no suspension, the ride might be harsh at 20 mph. I know about seat suspension, but I'm interested in the ride quality for the stock bike.

Also, I've read several posts about the abrupt takeoff in PAL 1. Some have said it takes a full pedal revolution to engage the motor, others said about 1/4 revolution. I would think a full pedal revolution before assist would be a deal breaker for me. Comments?

Finally, how is the effort to pedal at PAL 0? Could you realistically pedal 5 miles with no assist?

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Ride quality is good. We have 2 500s. Find the right tire pressure and you'll be fine on different surfaces. I keep mine around 30 to 40 for a softer ride. If you are aware of the takeoff in PAL 1, it is a very good thing. When taking off from a stop, especially at an intersection is where is shines. You get moving faster and get out of the way of the intersection. People get in trouble when they're not prepared and/or have the front wheel turned. Around a 1/4 revolution is needed to activate it. There is no resistance that I've noticed at PAL 0, just the weight of the bike due to battery and motor. There is no resistance like you'll get on some mid-drives. This is one of the lowest weight ebikes in its class. 5 miles? On flat ground or on a downgrade wouldn't be a problem for me. I was looking at ebikes in the $2k - 4k range and glad I found the Pace 500.
It's about 1/4 turn to activate PAS, but one full turn to activate throttle only. You could pretty comfortably go "pedal only" with this bike for 5 miles anywhere you are able to ride a single speed cruiser for the same distance. You might have to work a little harder than you would on a cruiser depending on how many hills you have to climb, but there are 8 gears to help you out.


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I ride my Pace 500 mostly with the electric assist turned off (PAS 0) for exercise. I ride a 25 mile loop and only use PAS 1 when I can't climb a hill in first gear. You really don't notice a difference between the Pace 500 in PAS 0 and a normal, non-electric bicycle.

I agree, run a lower pressure up front for a smoother ride. I run the minimum 35psi in the front and 55 in the rear (I'm 240lbs and mostly ride on pavement). I highly recommend adding a Suntour NCX suspension seatpost. It makes an amazing difference in ride quality including reduction in vibration and shock. Really, this seatpost is worth its weight in gold. It's not cheap at $115 from Amazon but it's worth it, especially if you plan to put a lot of miles on your bike.
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That sounds good ... you must get some serious range. We are also considering the Radcity bike and have arranged to test both the Aventon Pace 500 (Archer Bikes in Mesa AZ) and RadCity (PhatRide in Scottsdale) next week.
I was able to test ride a Pace 500 yesterday and had no problem whatsoever with the ride quality for a bike with no suspension. The bike is quite light for an e-bike (49 lbs) and is very easy to pedal at PAS level 0. I would have no issues having to get home on this bike if I ran out of battery. Nice bike, looks much more expensive with the semi integrated battery.