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I agree, this brand is a great alternative to the Rad Power bikes at a lower price point... ;)

Here is a new review of the Ride1Up 700 series:

Electrek’s Take

I first heard about the 700 Series earlier this year while I was reviewing Ride1Up’s previous e-bike.

And when I finally received the news this week that the bike was available, I was stoked.

Seriously, you don’t find specs like these at this price often.

The biggest player in this price range is of course Rad Power Bikes. And listen, I love Rad. They make good bikes at a great price of $1,499.

But I’ve always wanted a bit more out of my Rad bikes.

I’ve wanted them to go faster than 20 mph (32 km/h), to come with hydraulic brakes, to have batteries that get hidden in the frame instead of bolted on top, etc.

None of those things are deal breakers, but they’re all nice to have. So while industry-leader Rad’s bikes are quite good, at the same price the Ride1UP 700 Series has me biting my lip.



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Hydraulic disc brakes, geared motor, battery integrated into frame--a lot to like! Was all set to get a couple of Rads for wife and me, but now seriously considering the 700s. Really hoping for some external reviews, though.
I started out, convinced we would buy 2 Radcity's, then tried the Aventon Pace 500 ... made the Rad's feel like tanks ... then tried the new Espins, which were even better than the Aventon 500 in my, and my wife's opinions.

I was told by Kevin the owner of Ride1up, that the ride1up 500 and 700 reviews would be published in December. Bobby, the owner of Phatride in Scottsdale, where we tested the RadCity's and new, 2019 Espin Sport and Flow, said the EBR review of them will be posted soon also. They are really nice bikes, but recently raised the price to $1,799
I'll post a link to my review of them after this comment.

Lots of good choices coming, and for me, Rad's are no longer on my radar. Ride1up and Espin are way ahead in look and feel, performance, value and ride quality IMO.
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Here's the link to my review of the Espin's my wife and I tested, if you are interested. I really liked these bikes, but want to see the reviews on the Ride1up 700 before making my purchase of bikes for my wife and me.



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I’m sold. So I bought one. We shall see. It was my budget/fingers crossed pick. Now the wait.
I bought the step over model so my beloved can ride it too.
This thread cost me over 1.5 k and the expectation of getting yelled at by the finance minister.