Rode a few ebikes today, need help about brake performance

Discussion in 'Help Choosing an Ebike' started by Disaresta, Oct 3, 2017.

  1. Disaresta

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    Today I went to the local Pedego shop and rode the City Commuter and the Interceptor. I wanted to ride the Platinum Interceptor as well, but they said that they didn't carry that, though they could order it for me. That was kinda disappointing because I wanted to try an ebike with hydraulic brakes and compare them to the normal disc ones.

    Maybe because it was my first time on an ebike but I was rather nervous at first due to the speed but also neither bike felt like it had stopping power. I was struggling to stay still on a hill and wound up falling by accident (at walking speeds). At the end of the hour period I did feel alot better but just disappointed about the brakes. Or maybe it was totally normal.

    This could be due to a few reasons:

    • Haven't ridden a bike in a while (though this was on the second bike at around 40 minutes into riding)
    • I test rode the bikes that they use for rental so they were a little beat up.

    I couldn't try a bike with hydraulic breaks and i wanted to see if anyone felt that it was worth it. If it is then I will probably wind up buying the Juiced CrossCurrent S since that has the hydraulic breaks and it has a torque sensor (which i couldn't test out) although i'm taking a risk since the forums seem to have mixed feelings about the quality and service of the CCS. If normal brakes are fine then I will just by the Pedego City Commuter since I can take it to the local shop for maintenance and issues.


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  3. Fitzy

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    I used to ride a gas-bike with cable-brakes; they were adequate when properly tuned, but it was important to keep up on their maintenance. They also lost their effectiveness in wet conditions.

    After getting my ebike with hydraulics, I'll never go back. Very low maintenance requirements, they're highly responsive, and they stop on a dime in any weather. Invest in them; you won't regret it.
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  4. JayVee

    JayVee Well-Known Member

    Can you tell us more about your hill accident?

    It sounds like you applied torque on the pedals whilst braking at the same time at a red light. With a motor inhibitor, the bike shouldn't run away.
  5. vincent

    vincent Active Member

    i test rode a few of pedegos and the pas is way too fast to me , even in the lower settings -- did not like them at all
    there are better cadence sensing bikes
    not sure if the ones you rode were cadence or torque, not up on pedegos offerings but a year ago i did not like them

    agree on hydraulic brakes, would get them if possible but my regular disc do pretty good stopping me on my bikes, just need more maintenance

    if you can go ride some more ebikes before you make a decision
  6. jazz

    jazz Active Member

    Hydro is a must on a faster ebike or if you plan to ride fast on average
  7. Disaresta

    Disaresta New Member

    I rode the City Commuter and the Interceptor which were both cadence sensors to my knowledge. When I asked the Pedego bike shop if there were any other bikes besides the Platinum Interceptor (which they didn't have in stock) that had torque sensors they just gave me a "???" face. Nice people but didn't seem too knowledgeable about the product they were selling.

    I would like to try a torque one but I didn't think the cadence felt weird or anything.
  8. Disaresta

    Disaresta New Member

    The motor inhibitor is where when the brakes are applied it cuts off power to the motor right? If so then both bikes had that and I tested it while being stationary and trying to use the throttle while braking. Didn't move an inch which was good.

    The reason why I fell probably had nothing to do with the brakes but more of the conditions where I was trying to stop. I was in an unfamiliar area and the road had a very steep decline that intersected with an active roadway. I was trying to slowly inch my way down and ride the brakes but there was a bunch leaves and stuff that had fallen from trees where I was ridding so traction was off and when I was at a point where I tried to put my foot down I slipped on the leaves. So really my fault and probably would have happened with a non ebike.
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  9. Disaresta

    Disaresta New Member

    Good to know! I'll keep that in mind. If I go that route I don't have the budget for the Pedego Platinum Interceptor so I would take my chances with the Juiced CrossCurrent S.
  10. Andy_in_CA

    Andy_in_CA Active Member

    I love my CCS and will echo the hydraulic brakes. Additionally the torque sensor in my opinion is the way to go... I typically have it on the highest level of assist when I commute and when i am going slow and pedaling slow...I get an appropriate amount of assist versus the blast of the "S" level I'm set to.

    I've had ZERO issues with my CCS, but I also bought my from an LBS. If you can wait I feel that its worth it for these bikes to come back in stock. But if it puts you off go with a surface 604 colt ... but they do not have motor inhibitors ...which was big turn off for me...but otherwise its a great bike.

  11. Paul Cavasino

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    Yes,...We own 2 Pedegos, his & hers,...( City Commuter & Step thru-Interceptor),...& Have Immensely Enjoyed Our Biking Adventures for 2 Years Now !! GO PEDEGO,...they're rated one of the most reliable EBIKES out there !!