Sabvaton 72200 with Cycle Analyst V3 - Help!

Need some help!! I have a 5000w enduro bike - brought from China. I wanted to upgrade my controller and display so took the plunge and got a sabvoton 72200 controller - with CA 3 connector cable built in from factory - and a cycle analyst v3. Great gear but I did not realise just how difficult it is for me to get them working together. I've tried for a couple of days doing everything I know - i'm a novice also - from the variation of phase and hall wires to even trying different 5000w wheels.

I've also ran the Hall Sensor test in the sabvoton software and the wheel hub start to go through the test - it rotates very slowly during the test. However, it never seems to complete the test (even after 10 minutes) and ultimately I'm still left with a wheel that at best just locks up when I try the throttle.

Hoping someone out there will be kind enough to help me tackle this.