Schwalbe Energizer Plus tires popping off wheel


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Since I have had good luck over the years with Schwalbe tires I thought I would try the Schwalbe Energizer Plus tires on my Vado 5.0 and save the Triggers for fall/winter rides. After fiddling and fitting the tires I have come to the conclusion the tire just won't work with my rims. Anytime I exceed 40 psi the tube starts to push the tire up past the bead and off the rim, the recommended pressure for the tire is 45-70 psi. I am using the stock tubes that came with the bike which are the standard presta 700 x 32-50c tubes by Specialized. In looking closer at the bead of the Schwalbe it is a bit more rounded than the Trigger Sport is but it still has a defined lip that should hold onto the inside of the rim, after trying a few times and swapping the Trigger tires in for comparison it is clear the bead of the Trigger grips the inside of the rim much better. Has anyone else experienced issues with fitting different tires onto the Vado wheels?


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I have the Trigger sport tires back on and the wheels back on the bike so I can't measure the inside width of the rim right now but I believe it is 30mm wide and it is a 700c, it is the stock rim that came on the Vado 5.0. The tires are like for like in terms of size, the Specialized Trigger Sport tires that came with the bike are 47-622 and the Schwalbe Energizer Plus tires are 47-622 and both are tube type (not tubeless). Again I am using the same tubes which are also the ones that came with the bike so the Schwalbe tires should work, I have never had a problem swapping like for like size tires when I didn't change anything else.

Thomas Jaszewski

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, I have never had a problem swapping like for like size tires when I didn't change anything else.
It would seem, something changed. I can roll 2.5” tires off a DM18 rim if I use anything much lower than maximum pressure. I’m really quite curious.


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FWIW, I've been using Schwalbe Almotion tires on my 2016 Turbo X and have been quite happy. The only flats are ones that no tire could have prevented.


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I had the local bike shop ( not a Specialized dealer) put on 47-622 Schwalbe Marathon Plus on my 2020 Vado 5.0. Have fortunately not noticed any problems and I inflate to 55-58 psi.
I didn’t give the size much thought as the Vado standard tire, Trigger Pro, is 47-622.

The outer rim diameter is specified as 32mm in Court’s review of a 2020 Vado 4.0 and I read in another thread here at EBR that someone measured the rim width ( inner ?) and found it to be 25mm.
I can’t find any information on concerning Vado rim width