Seattle area bike shops that work on ebikes?


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Hello all,

I recently purchased Volt Yukon 750 Limited and wanted to know if there are any Seattle area bike shops that work on ebikes that are vendor neutral? I somewhat handy but there are some things I might not want to do or have the time to do.



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Here are two I have used (besides my Pedego Dealer):

Bike Lair

I've only had non electric systems work done by Greggs and Bike Lair--tire fixes, break pads ... Greggs charges extra to remove an hub drive wheel. I hope they will stop doing that, but in the meantime, I'm going elsewhere.

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I recommend using the Google.

Found this on the first try:

Seattle E-bike has the best technicians in Seattle for non-electric and electric bikes. They can work on all the different proprietary systems and diagnostic equipment out there. We can repair mechanical and electrical issues and we do all e-bike conversions in-house. Please call for an appointment. It may take a little extra time if we need to order parts that are unique to your bike.
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Thanks for the tips! Google is helpful finding shops but not so helpful in finding shops that will be vendor neutral so that’s why I asked the question. In my experience in the past even regular local bike shops frowned upon working on bikes they didn’t sell to you. Thanks