Seeking advice - Cranking force required for Bionx D series motor

Discussion in 'BionX Forum' started by Easyrider, Oct 18, 2017.

  1. Easyrider

    Easyrider New Member

    I have recently installed a Bionx D series motor with a G2 console on my handcycle but due to my lack of arm strength (I have quadriplegia) I am finding it very difficult to apply sufficient force onto the cranks to get the motor to kick in without my arms fatiguing rapidly.

    I have adjusted the settings to what appears the most sensitive for the motor to activate:
    0007 - strain gauge gain set to 4
    0008 - Gain assist set to 4
    0009 - Strain gauge sensitivity set to 0
    1234 - strain gauge filter set to F+++

    I was wondering if there is another adjustment that can be made to make the motor activate with very little force applied through the cranks to the torque sensor?

    Is it at all possible to install a cadence sensor to have the motor engage with the cadence of the cranks?

    Any help would be appreciated.
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  3. JayVee

    JayVee Well-Known Member

    Is the problem only at startup or generally? If at startup: have you tried code 3776 (speed at which drive starts to assist) to see if setting a value lower than 3km/h (default) would help? If my memory serves me, you can set it to 0.5 km/h. I don't own a D series but was interested in the system and demoed a bit. Main problem: I couldn't get the bike started on an incline after stopping at a red light.
  4. Easyrider

    Easyrider New Member

    Hi JayVee, I have adjusted the setting to 0.5 km/hr. I have recently been made aware that the torque collar hasn't been installed at the correct angle which will have an effect on the sensitivity of the torque sensor, so I'm hoping this will sole my problem.

    Thanks for your help
  5. JayVee

    JayVee Well-Known Member

    I think I had that problem too although I didn't diagnose it myself. I was really pretty intent on buying a BionX powered bike (similar to the Ohm) but I found that the torque sensor sometimes responded in an odd manner. The bike would literally fly up hills, but felt a little unresponsive on flats. The shop and constructor finally determined that the torque sensor wasn't installed properly. In the end, I didn't buy the bike because in the meantime the company making the bike (Wheeler) had switched to the semi integrated kit which doesn't have console codes any more.

    Anyway, I hope it gets sorted out for you. Let us know if the adjustment worked. I'm always curious about these types of things as the BionX is really the drive that best fits my needs.
  6. Cephalotus

    Cephalotus New Member

    It's rarely a good idea to use all parameters at their extrem settings.

    Rather start in the middle and.

    0007: 2.0 (which is significantly higher than what you would use on a normal bike)
    0008a: 2.0 (0008b irrelevant)
    1234: 3 (higher numbers will not help you, it will just force the motor to "pulse"), even 2 or 1 could be better for weaker persons. You have to try that...
    3779: (Boost) start at 10, but maybe you want to go higher (maximum = 16)