Shark Killer?


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There is no getting around the popularity of what has become to be known in the eBike world as the "Shark" style battery. Up to this point they have been based on 18650 cells of varying quality and mah capacity.

With the growing popularity of 2170 batteries it was only a matter of time before they started to become available for eBikes, and in fact are in use on some of the high end models from Specialized, Haibike Flyon and others in 2019 models. I feel that they will only gain in popularity and work their way down the "major" manufacturers cost scales in the next few years but for those of us in the DIY /open source market place there is this one coming available now at a cost comparable to quality existing v/ah ones. The cells in this are Samsung 50E (5000mah).


The advantages of the new cells are higher charge, up to 8A for use on occasion, and dis-charge (C) rate that means that the battery will be working less hard overall during use. Not so much as a power gain, which it can be but more range/wh is what I am hoping for but time and testing will tell. Unfortunately it is not the best riding time here in the PNW......,