Shipping Stromer wheels?? Weight? Which carrier?

Hi, long story short, I'm in FL and just got diagnosed with double hernia soooo my riding is over for this snowbird season :(
I live in MN and shipping the whole ST2-S is really expensive and I'm in no shape to disassemble/pack it myself.

Drove down here with it on a trunk mount Saris but a 65 lb bike is too much for my wife to deal with so looking for creative options.
My first thought was to remove front wheel and and battery (take home in car) and ship the frame w rear wheel, but still big and heavy and expensive for shipping. I'd have to pay the local bike shop to pack it/ship it and sort of worried about damage to frame.

It came to me in a vision :) Ship the front and back wheels home, battery rides in car, just the Stromer frame on the Saris rack. Wheels should be easy for shop to remove and pack .

What do you think the front wheel weighs? back wheel weighs? battery weighs? ST2-S frame,bars, etc-- weight without wheels?
And no, with my hernias I can't be disassembling bike. I'd like approx weight for shipping estimate.

Wouldn't a bike shop likely have an appropriate box, like if they got 2 wheelsets in a box?

Thoughts or ideas appreciated.

What carrier is likely to be best for FL to MN for a wheelset box of approx 20 or 25? lbs?
I can probably arrange for delivery to business address back in MN

Angela M.

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Sorry to hear of your issue. Unfortunately I can't offer a solution but I'm hoping another member will be able to help soon.


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(If you're in SWFL I could lift it for you)... But in general, perhaps pay a kid like $20-50 to lift/load the bike onto your rack.