Show us pictures of where you ride your ebikes!

It was a bright and sunny day. I didn't mean to go here, but I'd never been up this road and it looked good from the highway so I pulled in and unloaded the bike. The road was steep. It was steep all the way. At only a mile and a half, it became packed snow on steep so I turned around. My brakes really took a beating on the way down and I will have to tighten the cable, again. The dog name of the day was Stinky Le Pew as right at the beginning, she found a ripe deer body to roll on. Thank goodness it was warm enough today to make a dog want to cool off. Rolling in the snow took a lot of the smell away, and the ride home was bearable with the additional help of (never go without it) dog spray on deodorizer.

I am hoping the weather people are accurate this time and it will continue to warm up. Fingers and toes crossed.'

A rare flat spot. Stinky Le Pew Looking west.


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I was determined to get a ride today, all week the winds have been crazy and today was no exception! So I put the bike in the car and headed for the east coast where the winds were a little calmer and the forecast was looking better! Thankfully they were right and I had such an amazing trip, I can't wait to do this trip again when its less windy, the crosswinds were brutal at times! Another 52 miles added to my total which is now 724miles :)



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Following a spell of some bright and sunny weather in February things have now taken a turn for the worse here in the southern half of Germany with several storms following one after the other. Unlike RabH, I'm a fair weather rider so anything approaching cold, wet and windy you'll find my confined to Barracks so to speak.

However, a short while back someone in a similar position posted some images from past rides and thinking that many on the forum are living outside of Europe thought I'd post some images from 2016/2017.

Owning a Caravan many of our breaks/holidays are spent camping but sadly as a result of the type of caravan that we own are unable to transport two relatively heavy e-bikes and so usually rent at our destination. Often the availability of e-bikes is restricted and so several times we end up renting muscle powered bikes as was the case when in the above years we camped on the west coast (Atlantic) side of France.

The island of Ile de Re is situated a short distance off the coast and is connected to the mainland at La Rochelle by a bridge 2.9km (1.8 miles) in length. If the name sounds familiar it is because there was a German U Boat base located there in WW2 and was also
the location for many scenes of the film Das Boot. The town was almost completely destroyed by Allied bombing of the U-Boat pens so sensibilities are still a bit raw even after all this time. On the island of Ile de Re itself, which was a fly-over point, there are still the odd remains of Anti-Aircraft installations along with the graves of Allied aircraft crewmen at several locations that are tended to by the Commonwealth Graves Commission. The islands highest point is 20m (66 feet) , is 30km (19 miles) in length and 5km (3 miles) wide. The island was formed by the joining of three separate islands and at one point (Ars en Re) with legs spread really wide it is almost possible to place one foot in the sea at the west side of the island with the other in the sea at the eastern side. Well not really LOL, the distance is probably 150m or so.

The island sees its income arise from tourism, salt, oysters along with many French having their summer homes there. For the cyclists it is ideal as the island is 100% biker friendly with cycle paths well maintained and for the most part completely away from other traffic. Located on the Atlantic coast though means that it can sometimes get rather windy which with muscle powered bikes can be a bit unpleasant to say the least. We were glad to find, therefore, that the community lay on a Mini-bus service + trailer that will transport bikers from one end of the island to the other and costing only 1Euro. We were camped in the middle of the island and so took advantage of this service one day to travel to the Lighthouse at the Northern end of the island before returning using our own power.

Anyway, enough of the chat I'll leave you with some pictures to look at.
Ars-en-Re1.JPG Ars-en-Re2.JPG Ars-en-Re3.JPG Ars-en-Re4.JPG Ars-en-Re5.JPG Bastille-Day.JPG Beach1.JPG Bus-Transfer1.JPG Church-Ruin1 (2 of 1).JPG Ile-de-Re1.JPG La-Flotte1.JPG La-Flotte2.JPG La-Flotte3.JPG La-Rochelle1.JPG La-Rochelle2.JPG La-Rochelle3.JPG Le Bois-Plage-en-Re1.JPG Le Bois-Plage-en-Re2.JPG Le Bois-Plage-en-Re3.JPG Les-Portes-en-Re1.JPG Les-Portes-en-Re2.JPG Loix 1.JPG Loix 2.JPG Loix3.JPG Opus1.JPG Phare-des-Baleines1.JPG Phare-des-Baleines2.JPG Phare-des-Baleines3.JPG Saint-Martin-de-Re1.JPG Saint-Martin-de-Re2.JPG Saint-Martin-de-Re3.JPG Saint-Martin-de-Re4.JPG Salt-Pan1.JPG WW2_Commonwealth-Graves1.JPG WW2_Commonwealth-Graves2.JPG

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Oops. sorry about that, folks, don't know how I did that. I was going to say how much I liked those great pictures and the whole thing sort of exploded. I think I have deleted the duplicate, but who knows.

At any rate, great shots! Onward and upward.


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@Deeps - was astounded at all the bikes casually leaning against buildings - do they even sell bike locks in France? I can only wish it was that way in the US.
Interesting isn't it. I can only imagine that with the growth in e-bike sales and the resultant drop in price of normal bikes that tea-leafs (thieves) don't think it's worth the effort to steal them anymore.


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@Deeps - was astounded at all the bikes casually leaning against buildings - do they even sell bike locks in France? I can only wish it was that way in the US.[/QUOT

I recall here in the UK roundabout 1965, my father leaving his bike outside the pub. In those days, you would put one pedal in the down position to rest on the pavement, while the bike stood upright in the gutter. Anyway, next day he wondered where his bike was? Recalling he'd gone to the pub on it, he trotted off to get it. Yes - still there, same position. Now this wasn't a small villiage, but major port city on a busy shopping road. You could do that sort of thing then, no locks required - Happy Days.