Single Speed ?

Discussion in 'Help Choosing an Ebike' started by e-boy, Nov 10, 2017.

  1. e-boy

    e-boy Member

    Anyone have a single speed ?


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  3. rich c

    rich c Active Member

    Anyone want to invest over $1500 in their single speed?
  4. Nahim

    Nahim New Member

    There are tons of people and that commute on single speed bikes. A great example of that is here in New York City where a vast amount of commuters and messengers are fans of their simplistic single speed/ fixed gear bikes. It makes sense to want one less part (derailleurs and shifters) on your bike to maintain. Even though I've been surrounded by ebikes for the last three years working at Propel Bikes, I still enjoy riding my single speed bike after work and cruising the neighborhood.
    The Copenhagen wheel is a cool option for folks that still want to maintain the simplicity of their bike, but with a bit of extra boost. It's a neat package considering if you already have a single speed bike you really love, like a nice Cinelli or Linus, and want to upgrade your commute. I would however like to see more color options, something more stealthy to so it's not as flashy when locking up on the streets of NYC. A neat feature I do like is the regenerative braking when you pedal backwards, which in most other retrofitting cases, requires you to run a brake sensor cable to your brake levers. The Copenhagen wheel takes away the hassle of cables and zipties and leaves that simplistic look it's supposed to have. I hope as ebike technology progresses, the price point will also come down.
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  5. Dewey

    Dewey Active Member

    Single speed ebikes like the E-Glide SS, Populo Sport, Sondors Thin, and EasyGo Race are some of the lightest weight affordable complete ebikes. Court has mentioned some can be geared high so you don't spin out and for that reason he likes a throttle or more sensitive PAS sensor so the motor can help you get moving from stationary or up hill.
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  6. Thomas Jaszewski

    Thomas Jaszewski Active Member

    Yup, on the flats, a direct drive 1000W, 52V.