Sizing - 2019 Sduro trekking S 9.0 High Step

Ravi Kempaiah

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I see how to mount the lezyne centered (using the handlebar clamp bolts) but I dont see how to mount the SECA centered?
L&M NIP model series has a Intuvia mount, you could use that or you could also use the extenders you have and center it.

SECA can also be centered using their GoPro mount (comes standard in the package) and use K-edge adapter to mount it like this.




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Does anyone know how easy it will be to switch out the light (from a wiring perspective) to an aftermarket ebike light like the ones referenced in this thread (lightmotion seca, lezyne). I haven't taken a close look yet to see what this will entail. Thx


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One thing to note on the Haibike websites this year is the nomenclature used to describe sizing between the North American website (USA) and the European websites. When and if choosing this bike in North America following the frame size measurements in cm not (Small, Medium, Large, etc......) as this will definitely confuse a lot of people including myself initially.

If you need help with sizing, feel free to reach out to us for help,