Sky Lane trail plan in San Jose (Silicon Valley)

Discussion in 'City, Urban' started by Allroad Commuter, Aug 1, 2016.

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  4. SCbiker

    SCbiker Active Member

    That looks very good ... Great to see this being developed .... Enjoy !
  5. Jeff Backes

    Jeff Backes Active Member

    My wife and I rode the "Guadalupe River Trail" three weekends ago. It travels through a few homeless camps that might make people uncomfortable. Also there was at least one point where we had to go onto a street to find the next section of the trail.

    The San Francisco Bay Area should have the best bike system in the world, perhaps Google, Apple, Facebook and the like should move a little more money to bike paths instead of busses to shuttle their employees from home to work.

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  6. Also would recommend the Los Gatos Creek and Los Alamitos Creek trails.
  7. We're heading down to San Diego in a few weeks. Any "can't miss" trail recommendations?
  8. James Kohls

    James Kohls Active Member

    That's a cool rail. Love the bridge.