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  1. Jghbg

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    I just discovered this forum after watching way too many reviews. Information overload! I am certain there are other threads that cover this, so feel,free to direct me there if so. I could use some help finding the best ebike for my needs. Here goes! My ideal bike would have: a cruiser style or upright riding position, midstep frame, beefy tires, lights, fenders, cargo rack, long range integrated battery, dependable and powerful motor with 28 mph capability, front shocks, and an easy, intuitive shifting or CVT. It will mostly be used on the road but needs to be able to handle light trails. Twist throttle would be nice. Hub motor or mid drive, just want it to be proven, durable and well warrantied. American made would be a bonus. Does this ebike exist? Budget is flexible but $2500 to $5,000 is preferred. I’ll spend more if it can be justified. I am probably asking for too much here, but thought I should at least get some input from the forum members who know a lot more than me. Thank you for any and all feedback. Cheers!

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  4. PCDoctorUSA

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    With your price range, it shouldn't be difficult at all to satisfy your wish list. I know you said that this would primarily be used on the road but can you tell us is this going to be a commuter bike or are you going on a cross-country trek? If the former, how far is the commute one-way and is it a level ride?
  5. Deafcat

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    Have ridden the Biktrix Stunners and own the fat-tire version, they are a fantastic series of bikes! Loads of fun, loads of power, comfortable and an excellent choice for getting around (I ride mine 20km to work and love it).
  6. Jghbg

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    Thank you for the feedback! Basically I guess I want BMX cool and rugged with cruiser comfort and commuter range. Is that so wrong?

    Full disclosure, I live in Wine Country and have a wine tour company, @healdsburgtours . I’m contemplating adding ebike guided tours. So I need something that is easy to figure out, unisex styling, comfortable and dependable, with 50 miles of range. I bought an Elby, which I like but think a front suspension would be helpful. I also like the Nuvinni shifters on EVELO and perhaps others. Any and all suggestion will be very appreciated. Cheers!
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    Are you going to be supplying the bikes for the tour or will customers be expected to bring their own and you're just leading them?
  8. Jghbg

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    Once I decide on the right bike, I’ll buy several and provide them to my guests.
  9. Deafcat

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    Not at all, we have similar tastes!

    If it were my winery/tour, I'd probably be using Stunners (if suspension is needed you could order them with front suspension forks, I bet Roshan could swing that).

    they are rear IGH for low maintenance, ease of use. BBS02B mid-drive all the oomph necessary, and very long range.