(Sold)...2018 Juiced CCS (Large frame), with 2 large format batteries (DC)

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A few scrapes and scratches, etc. This was my daily commuter.

Bike includes numerous upgrades:
Upgraded to a 10 speed, with a Shadow Plus derailleur, and a narrow-wide front chainring.
Busch and Mueller IQ-X headlight
Ergon grips
Extended the bike rack with steel bar to eliminate pannier heel strikes.
An extra 52-volt large format battery.

Including both chargers.

Before the drivetrain upgrades I was experiencing chain drops, which are eliminated now.

Why I’m selling:
The bike handles beautifully, and if it wasn’t for the batteries tending to lose electrical contact and dropping power, I wouldn’t be selling it. I contacted Juiced, and they claim the CCS isn’t compatible with the large format batteries, even though it previously was a purchase option with the bike, and I did indeed order the CCS with a 48-volt large format battery. So, between the power drop outs and Juice Bikes’ response on the matter, I’m switching to a more reliable bike.

Suggest you search the Juiced forum here on the subject and decide if this is something you want to tinker with. Since I bike to work daily in DC traffic, I really want to avoid the bike randomly shutting off.

Asking $1k OBO, to someone in the DC area.

Thanks for reading.
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