SOLD: KINEKT 2.1 Aluminum Seatpost (31.6) $175


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I bought this 31.6 diameter seatpost when I picked up my Tern GSD. I didn't need the telescoping double-seatpost of the Tern so went with the 31.6 Kinekt and a shim. My butt thanked me immediately.

Then I decided to add sidekick bars to my Tern and I realized that I needed a different seatpost diameter to clamp the sidekick bars to. So I *immediately* ordered a second Kinekt with the correct diameter seatpost for my add-on bars. That made my barely-used 31.6 seatpost superfluous.
  • Kinekt 2.1 Aluminum Seatpost
  • 31.6 mm diameter
  • 420 mm length
  • Medium springs (150-200 lbs)
  • Includes alternative springs (one purple, one orange) to customize to your preferences
  • Lightly used (two weeks)
  • $175 ($249 new)
I love, love, love my Kinekt. But I don't need two. My lack of planning can save you $75. I'll ship in the contiguous US at no additional cost.