Sondors or RadRover

Thanks for the info. My girlfriend is 5'2"
Do you think it would be too tall for her?
How long have you had yours? Do you like it so far? I actually found the Volt Yukon that I am considering.
Your welcome! I put my seat all the way down and from the floor to the top of the seat it is 32 1/2". My girlfriend is 5' 5" and the seat that low bends her leg pretty good. The pedal with the crank turned vertical is 5" to the top of the pedal at the pedals lowest position to the ground. With the seat at its lowest position, and the pedal at its lowest position it is 27" from the top of the pedal to the top of the seat. Without knowing her leg size I really don't want to say yes or no for sure. These measurements should help you decide though.
I just received my bike yesterday. took the day off work and rode today for the first time. Absolutely amazing! I love it!
Hope the info helps, safe riding:)
Thanks for all the info. How tall are you and what is your inseam. Does it feel like a pretty good size for you? I'm 5'9" with a 30" inseam.
I REALLYdo appreciate your help.
NP. I am 6ft. wear 32 inseam 33 if i can find them lol. I have my seat higher than most people like it, I am on my toes literally when stopped. It feels great,, I love it.
Just measured. My seat is 39 1/2" to the top of the seat from the ground lol. like i said I am on my toes literally.
Does your girlfriend also have an ebike? I think I'm leaning towards the RadRover. With my girlfriend only being 5'2" I'm thinking about getting her a woman's style step through from Volton. It is more of a Moutain bike style w smaller tires.
No I'm alone. I have the DoggyRide Novel 10 anniversary dog trailer coming tomorrow. My best friend Robin will be tagging along behind, lol
I think you are doing the right thing, the Rover is full of power and pretty beastly (in a great way). It may feel intimidating for a 5' 2" woman. I just can't believe the bike you get from them for just $1,499, still trying to figure out how they can do it. I'm glad I could help. I wondered the same things you did while researching and just rolled the dice. I would recommend this bike to any one of my friends.
Thanks for taking the time to respond to ALL my questions. I just saw that the 2017 Volt Yukon Is now available. It has a 750w motor and the 48volt battery is in the downtube. More decisions to make. lol. I'm still leaning towards the Rover. Too funny. I was also looking at the doggy trailer for my lil girl Lexi.
She's a 6 month old Shepherd/Beagle mix.
Thanks again, I'll keep you posted on my purchase.
When I called Voltbike he told me he had the white 2017 in stock. He emailed me a picture of it and told me the specs. It looks very similar to your RadRover. But the battery is in the downtube.


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very cool, thanks for the pic
did not see it on the website yet

i actually like the thumb throttles better than twist
think you could probably easily change that out if you wanted to


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blah, just checked courts review and the yukon is a 20 inch frame
the 19 in on the rover is hard enough for me to handle

guess the review was for the 2015-2016, maybe the 2017 will be smaller...

really think if i get another one it will be another mini or mariner from voltbike, need them for friends to ride so want smaller bikes

but like the integreated battery on that yukon!!


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Thanks for the info. My girlfriend is 5'2"
Do you think it would be too tall for her?
How long have you had yours? Do you like it so far? I actually found the Volt Yukon that I am considering.


I'm about just under 5'4". The EG Athens was a good size, 250 W.
I had an Evo St, but my feet couldn't keep me balanced. Stopping was difficult. Power On has one, and she is doing ok.
I am waiting for delivery of a Pedego 24" Interceptor. 24" is the important factor, not many bikes make them.

She should test ride a few, at least a few miles. She might like the EG Athens, it just wasn't quite right for me.
There are reviews of all 3, here on EBR.

Happy trails


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just for reference i measured my radrover
i have the 2015 which is taller by 1 inch
not exactly sure how that is measured but i am getting 31 so think the 2016 is 30
looks like it and yukon are about the same size

i would probably be ok riding it but the voltbike mariner would be more versatile for shorter friends etc
if i get another one will probably go that route
wonder if the mariner comes with a thumb throttle too? i would like that

really like all these fat bikes