Sondors Thin 2019

I'm considering the new Sondors Thin, which looks different in a few key ways from the Sondors Thin that was reviewed by this website in 2016. The old one was single speed; this one has a derailleur with 7 speeds. The frame shape is also different, and the new one has suspension on the fork. Anyone have experience with this new model?

The main drawback for me, as with most Sondors models, is that the triangular battery case takes up the whole space inside the frame, where I would put a bottle holder on most bikes, and maybe a storage bag. Any idea how I could mount a bottle holder to the frame? I'm not sure if there would be enough space between the down tube and the front wheel, especially after I add fenders.
I had a Sondors Storm a few years ago. I took a look at the Thin and the frame is very similar. As I recall there's a small space between the battery case and the horizontal crossbar, big enough to allow attaching items to the bar with zip ties. You could zip tie a water bottle holder to the crossbar, behind the steering column.

Another option would be a handlebar mounted bottle holder. If you don't have space on your handlebar you can get a handlebar extender from Amazon or many bike shops. They come in different lengths, some are adjustable. They clamp on to the handlebar, the extender bar runs parallel to the handlebar. Here's an example.