Spare Battery For Magnum Cruiser


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I have a Magnum Cruiser with a 48V, 13ah battery driving a 500w motor. I was wondering if there were non-OEM batteries available? The factory replacement is around $680. It would be nice to have a second battery to extend my range beyond 45 miles. I have never run my battery completely down, but 45 miles looks close.
My concerns relate to warranty conflicts, compatibility with internal electronics, and of course connector match. I would be interested in reputable companies located in the United States. I am located in Central Florida.


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Hello, I'm Susie. Nice to know you!
Are you still looking for spare battery?
Is your battery looking like this attached?
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Wouldn't it be awesome if these battery suppliers simply came out with a cross reference chart, that shows Brand x battery, and corresponding replacement or even capacity upgrade, with their part number and price ?

the auto industry does this well for gazillions of parts and hundreds or thousands of makes and models going back years.

Doing these as a one off custom deal, is cumbersome, and time consuming to make sure nothing is missed or messed up. The battery supplier puts all the risk on the buyer. And it's costly to ship a 'mistake' back, and hazmat issues with shipping firms create lots of risks and confusion for individual consumers.

Millions of ebikes are sold worldwide. The volume is likely there for someone who gets this right. Meanwhile the ebike makers tend to charge a significant premium for their replacement batteries. Ripe for some real competition. With the internet and advanced consumer goods distribution these days, this should be a no brainer.