Speedbox 2 for Yamaha system

Just been reading up on the speedbox 2 for the Yamaha system. Looks very impressive that you can turn it on and off with the light button, plus all the read outs are not affected. Can someone tell me, are these speedboxes etc good for the motor? Do they damage it in any way? I'dlike to get one but if it's going to trash ordamage the motor, I'd think twice!
I have also been considering one of these as my bike has the lower speed restriction of 25k.
If it had the higher one I wouldn't bother.
I would imagine it would void the warranty
I was hoping someone would come up with some software to reprogram the computer to the higher setting.
Here in the UK the max limit for electric bikes is 15mph. From what I understand it's higher in other countries, so if that's the case, these bikes were designed to go faster but the UK models must adhere to the 15 mph limit. So 'unrestricting' the motor system in theory shouldn't affect the warrant????

Can anyone put me right on this?

Or do you just buy a different lcd control panel from a country where the bike is not restricted and have the UK bike unrestricted.
I'm in NZ & have a Euro spec restriction like you have.
The US sold bikes have a 20mph or 32k restriction.
I would be quite happy with that.
Any faster than that you would have to change your gearing.

I believe the computer is in the motor area, not the control panel.
I'd be happy at 20 mph. In 10th gear on the flats, my pedal speed is around 17 -18 mph which I'm comfortable with, if I want to cruise with motor help I have to drop to 8th gear, at the same pedal speed that gives me 14.8 mph. It's a shame you couldn't adjust the speed yourself to suit as 20 mph would be fine for me. Either way I think the bike is great, I just want to know if by adding a speedbox, will it damage the motor in any way. I don't even know if it will pull to much out of the battery!!

I live in US and have 2016 RC. i ordered one, installed it and it lasted for about 5 minutes ( not even off the stand) Installation is super easy, seemed to work in MPH. uses the light button to change. Only issue was it failed in only 5 minutes. Patiently waiting for my replacement to arrive.. Will advise as soon as i get it installed. Why i got one. I found that i could pedal at 20mph depending on terrain in either the 32 middle or the 42 / 44 large chain ring without too much effort.. coming out of . a corner onto a straight its like hitting a headwind.. 18,19 then 20 ish and boom, instant slowdown. I believe the ideal speed for the bike is 25MPH ( cadence is they next limiter on a PW motor). I would love a PW-X motor with a de limiter.. the speed would be amazing.
Works well.. Speed is wildly inaccurate ( speedbox tells you this will happen). Can easily pedal to 22 / 23 MPH on flat. Tried down a hill and could still feel the assistance at over 30!
Any product which is plugged directly into the motor is likely to cause issues in the long haul. I have seen implications of the battery a few times.

As I am sure you know, all speed tuning devices are strictly disallowed by each bike's respective manufacturer and would in-turn void the bike's warranty. Although, it may be difficult to prove the use of a tuning device in this situation.