Speedbox 2 on Spicy Curry

the jinji

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Have a one month old Yuba Spicy Curry (bosch system). 200 miles. Just installed a Speedbox 2. Install went fine and speedbox activates like it should. When approaching 20mph the speed reading goes berserkers and jumps all over the place, even up to 50 and 60mph. At this time the motor works (above the 20mph limit), but it surges in and out. I noticed then that around 30mph the motor kicks back in like normal with no surging. So it seems to act like it's still trying to fight the 20mph speed limitation. Contact to speedbox and they just said that the spicy curry seems to be "very specific bike" and they've refunded a few of them.

- speed reading and motor function returns to normal and accurate when speedbox is "turned off"

any thoughts out there?


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I saw someone else post that they had goofy readings and results with the Speedbox. Apparently it was made for kph not mph.
Change the bike to kms and see what happens.