Spokes Vs Mag Wheels


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Anyone interested in mag wheels might find this interesting.

I thought long and hard before getting the $400 mag wheel option on my Pedego Interceptor. I did it mostly because the mags increased the weight carrying capacity from 275 to 400 pounds. In addition to the price, I was also concerned about weight increase to an already heavy e-bike. The LBS told me the mags would add 4.5 pounds to the total bike weight.

My wife has the same Pedego Interceptor except hers has spoked wheels. I recently changed tires on both bikes to a more aggressive tread. In so doing, I took the opportunity to weigh each bare rim. I was quite surprised to find both the spoked and mag rear wheels with brake disks and motors weighed exactly 12 pounds each! The front mag wheel with brake disk weighed just 4.5 OUNCES more than the spoked wheel. I think the LBS misread the stats and confused ounces with pounds.

In the case of the Pedego Platinum Interceptor, the mag wheel option added a little over a quarter pound to the total bike weight. Obviously, this may be different on other models however.