Sprite vs Detour IE (2018)


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I am looking at the Raleigh Sprite and the Detour (both step-through versions) and it looks like the biggest technical difference is the motor, one has torque and one has Candice sensing PAS. I think the Candice can have a throttle attachment installed, but am unsure if the torque one can? Which one would be the better bang for the buck, and how often is throttle really used if you have something that is Torque generated. I am new to biking and would be using it for about a 16mile Round trip commute 4x a week.

I looked at both when upgrading from my RadCity this spring. To my mind the main differences are the weight and range. The Sprite is considerably heavier, and with the less efficient Currie mid-drive, has way less range than the Detour with the Shimano STePs. The Currie does have a throttle (or emergency motor assist button more like) option. Option being the word. It has to be added. I am not certain what kind of sensor system the Currie motor uses...I have read that it is more like a cadence sensor...but I know that the STePs system uses cadence, torque, and speed sensors to aid in smooth power transmission. I went for the Detour, even though there were amazing deals on the 2017 Sprites. For me the lighter weight and greater range trump the lack of throttle (option). Now, having the bike for a few weeks, I am totally happy with my choice. I don’t miss the throttle on the RadCity at all.