Squeak from motor area Vado 3.0

My bike has developed a squeak which sounds as though it's coming from the motor/bottom bracket area. It sounds like rubber rubbing against something, similar to the sole of your shoe rubbing against a crank arm.
The strange thing is, it doesn't happen in time with either the crank or wheels turning.
I've taken the plastic case off the motor but everything is enclosed in the motor case, so there's nothing to see or adjust.
I'm thinking it might be the drive belt, if so, I assume it's a LBS job.


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I had a squeak from my Vado 4.0 motor. It started about one week after I bought the bike.
The squeak came for a second or two when I stopped pedalling. The mechanic at LBS thought the motor was also pulsating and they got a new motor from Spezialized in just a few days.
I did not get any information about what was wrong. I don’t think the mechanic ever opened the the motor, Specialized just trusted the LBS.