Squealy cable-op disc brakes....advice?

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Repairs' started by Gogogordy, Oct 9, 2017.

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    We have 2 identical bikes, 6 weeks into ownership and the Tektro disc brakes on BOTH front wheels squeal when NOT braking. The bikes both have approx 161 miles on them from new. The bike brand is likely immaterial, the brakes are Tektro.

    Im not familiar with cabled operated discs, Ive tried to adjust the cable tighter, as well as looser and they both squeal much of the time while in motion. Under braking, the squealing stops.

    Ive also fallen back on my longtime motorcycle ownership and maintenance practices and used compressed air to blow the (ample amount) dust out of the calipers to no avail. The rears dont give this problem.

    Any tips on the care and feeding of mechanically operated discs? Im stumped....

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    Do more research on adjusting. The inner pad is fixed, BUT it can be backed off the rotor with an allen head bolt. Angle adjustment is made with oversized holes in the housing and the mounting bolts.
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    This is a nice source and the one of the few I looked at that discussed caliper alignment.
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    Nice instructional, thanks for finding and posting it.