ST2 Rain/Water Seal Performance?


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Hi, the ST2 is not built for rain or high humidity environments. I have a had my stromer for 2.5 years with 26000 miles. It will withstand riding with the heavy rain. Its the days after you have to be careful. You have to be sure that its all contacts have dried.

My bike has seen, 2 batterys, 4 omnis, 2 main controllers, 3 tmm sensors. 3 sets of brake levers. 3 battery chargers Corrosion on the pin contacts of the omni's, main head light, brake levers. USB port which caused a short that blew my omni. A long list of the failures that I remember.

The warranty covered me for the most part and thanks to Bike Attack Electric in Santa Monica for always being there when I need help.

The only thing that encourages me to ride the Stromer ST2 is that feeling your riding a silent fast bike. It feels like a normal bike.